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I love to read fiction, memoirs, travel blogs, humorous rants, and personal essays on business and family-life… I also like to write that sort of stuff.

And that’s what this website is for.

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These Things That Happened

Day 13 (Home) Kathie Lee Gifford, already said it… Keith Richards, he said it… Kelly Shemanske, not famous… Cory Booker, wrong letter… Kelly Rippa, Clarkson, Osbourne, Katie Holmes, Kyle Richards, Kevin Bacon, Kevin Costner, Kate Beckinsale, Moss, Hudson…I’ve already done them all.  “Why do you always do ‘K’s!” I say flattening against the car door…

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Day 12 “Annie, get pictures.” He’s nodding towards the hills on both sides of us. They are covered by giant earth colored blankets. The billowy folds makes them look like cartoon drawings. It’s an aesthetic Michael is fond of in his own sketchbooks and abstract paintings. But these cartoon hills are majestic in light of…

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Success Is Just a Word

Day 11 I look longingly as I walk through the lounge chairs sprinkled in amongst palm trees, patches of green grass, and tall rocks. The adult-only pool and hot tub are empty. The water is still and waiting. A level below, my children are splashing and diving in another pool.  There’s a sandy beach landscaped…

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I’m Annie. I’m a mom, a wife (that’s my hubby), an upstate NY bagel shop owner (hungry now?), girlfriend, outdoor explorer… and when I need to make sense of my world, calm myself down, or jazz myself up… I write.

While I get paid for other stuff, and I take my writing for clients seriously… I go kinda crazy if I don’t make time to write what I want to write. And when I do, I publish it here… Read more