Palo Duro Canyon is my Happy Place

Day 4 Early on Friday morning I creep through the cabin of the RV with my dogs startled and delighted, leash them as silently as possible and open the door to the fresh hot mountain air of Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. Off in the distance a dog is barking rhythmically, like an alarm. MyContinue reading “Palo Duro Canyon is my Happy Place”

Ehem… Yes, We’re RVers

Day 1 Aaaaaaand… we’re off! After finally, finally falling into bed just after 2am this morning. This first time RV co-pilot, and brand new RV rental recipient, was up so late because the long awaited for trip had arrived, the RV successfully steered into our driveway ready to be nested (yes, all verbs can beContinue reading “Ehem… Yes, We’re RVers”