These Things That Happened

Day 13 (Home) Kathie Lee Gifford, already said it… Keith Richards, he said it… Kelly Shemanske, not famous… Cory Booker, wrong letter… Kelly Rippa, Clarkson, Osbourne, Katie Holmes, Kyle Richards, Kevin Bacon, Kevin Costner, Kate Beckinsale, Moss, Hudson…I’ve already done them all.  “Why do you always do ‘K’s!” I say flattening against the car doorContinue reading “These Things That Happened”


Day 12 “Annie, get pictures.” He’s nodding towards the hills on both sides of us. They are covered by giant earth colored blankets. The billowy folds makes them look like cartoon drawings. It’s an aesthetic Michael is fond of in his own sketchbooks and abstract paintings. But these cartoon hills are majestic in light ofContinue reading “HOLY. FUCK. UTAH”